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Azra Sumner has found clarity. War is necessary and she fully intends to bring the courts to their knees. At first, she dismissed the prophecies rumored to be about her. Now, she is embracing them. The oppressive control of the Light and Dark courts, crushing her people, awakens the desire within her to restore Faerie to the magnificent realm it once was.   
With her four mates at her side and her soul-bonded Azra must find a way to defeat Michael and Lucifer, before they take more innocent lives. But neither will go down without a fight. They seek to destroy each other, as well as Azra for daring to stand against them.
Can Azra claim her destiny in time to restore balance to Faerie? Or will the hand of darkness wipe out all she holds dear? 
**This is a Reverse Harem story with multiple partner elements and may contain triggers for some. There is violence and war. It's not for the faint of heart!**

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